While dealing with inquiries and orders from our clients we make use of our own or the clients’ analytical software as well as different kinds of environments for software design and development.

Data Analysis and Data Mining 

Measurement data analysis and data mining projects are performed on the basis of our own or our clients’ software. We have a software to make rule classification and regression systems. Our software makes use of the most efficient rule induction algorithms and the rough set theory. Thanks to our software it is possible to analyze the collected data and to place the developed classifiers in the clients’ software.

Data mining projects are performed with the use of the following software: R, Rapid-Miner, See5, Cubist, Magnum Opus, and Orange. These solutions have reasonable prices and, at the same time, wide analytical abilities.

We are able to carry out analytical projects with the use of analytical enviroments, for example: Statsoft (Statistica Data Miner), Salford Systems (CAR, MARS), IBM (SPSS). Additionally, in the case of projects based on Database Management System (e.g. MS SQL Server, Oracle), we are able to make full use of the capabilities of analytical packages integrated with these environments.

Databases and Business Intelligence

We design, optimize and maintain MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL databases. We work out Business Intelligence solutions on the basis of the following platforms: MS SQL Server, Pentaho BI Suite, Telend Open Studio (ETL), BIRT (Reporting).